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Sunseeker Retro Replaces Hayward T Cell & Intellichlor | 40,000 Gallons | 3-Yr Warranty | Complete System

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The Sunseeker Retro is an ideal option, when replacing a Hayward or Pentair (IntelliChlor) salt system. It replaces any size system, up to 40000 gallons. No replumbing, no expensive service technicians, just a better warranty, with a quick and hassle free D-I-Y install!

The affordable Sunseeker Retro Series brings a smart and convenience, yet robust and reliable solution for your expensive and now failed salt system. The Sunseeker Retro is an easy replacement for any size Hayward AquaRite or Pentair Intellichlor. Guaranteed compatibility - upgrade your system literally within a few minutes! Fully automated, it constantly monitors the salinity level and temperature of the pool water and makes operation effortless.

The Sunseeker Retro comes exclusively with a clear cell housing for easy inspection of the cell plates.  No longer do you need to remove the unions just to see if the cell needs to be cleaned or if it is not performing at an optimal level!

The Sunseeker Retro also comes with the best warranty of any salt system in this price range, with a best in class: 5-years prorated, on every component.

Compatible replacement for: Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite, SwimPure Plus, Mineral Springs, NatureSoft, AquaPlus, Blue Essence, and Pentair IntelliChlor, plus many other similar models.



• Automatically sanitizes pools and spas

• Suitable for in-ground pools up to 40,000 gallons (1.4Ibs daily output)

• Dual voltage 110/220V

• Clear cell housing for easy inspection of the cell

digital interface with

• Fits exactly into Hayward and Pentair plumbing unions

• Reverses polarity to automatically clean cell

• 5 year 'best in class' manufacturers limited warranty


Product Highlights:

  Free Shipping - All salt systems are shipped for free to any continental USA location.

No Tools Required - The Sunseeker Retro is a plug & play that installs into the existing plumbing with no cutting or gluing required, when installing into an existing Hayward (Aquarite) and Pentair (IntelliChlor) system.

  High Performance Electrodes - The sunseeker cells all use high performance long life Titanium electrodes with a specially formulated Platinum and Iridium coating.

  Clear Cell Housing - View chlorine production and check for scale build up at any time.

  Eco Friendly - Salt cell pools require less chemicals and eliminate the need for liquid chlorine.